A Splash of News

June 28, 2002
Reported by: {Tigress}

You're stuck with me reportin' this week's news because small_fry is taking a much needed vacation to visit family in Kansas. We wish him a safe trip and a relaxing visit! :)

The tribute to mick100 has generated much more support than I ever envisioned. We currently have 21 processors dedicated to this memorial, and over 500 FP have already been accumulated since Monday. This outpouring of support is what makes The Pond, and Amdmb.com a step above the rest. I am proud to be a member of The Pond and Amdmb.com, and you should be too. The sense of community found here is incredible given the size and scope of Amdmb.com.

We are doing an EXCELLENT job of keeping Icrontic in their place... BEHIND US!!!!! We've knocked the wind out of their sails, and we've got Google in our sites! :) However, we CANNOT back off on the pace or Icrontic will be all over us in no time, and somehow, I don't think they'll give us fair warning next time they move in for the kill. So, keep those Folders Foldin', keep workin' on bringing inactive Folders back to the Fold, and keep bringing new Folders into The Pond! We're gonna have to work hard to get and stay ahead of Google and keep Icrontic at bay!

On a similiar note, our percentage of active Folders is up to 45.9%! That's a vast increase from the 38% we were at just a couple weeks ago. However, I want to challange the team to get above the 50% mark by the end of July. I know it can be done, so let's get out there and get wake up our sleeping Folding teammates and get them back into action!

With Folders looking for the older F@H2 consoles, we've set up this page where you can download the different console versions, both old and new.

June 24, 2002
Reported by: {Tigress}

Let Us Remember mick100

I received word today that mick100 died of congestive heart failure on April 24, 2002. He was active an active memember of the Folding Frogs, and his loss is felt by all.

You may read the e-mail exchange between myself and Robert, a friend of Mick's, here. As you'll see, we have set up a memorial for him to help him reach his goal of 1000 FP. If you would like to help us honor him you may do so by changing the your Folding name to mick100. We are unable to add to his existing Mick100 (capital M) nick due the fact that he included his e-mail which is not posted and the e-mail we have for him does not work. So, be sure to change the nick to all lowercase letters if you are wanting to fold in his name. We will do this until we have gotten this new account up to 1000 FP.

It's been a sad day here in The Folding Pond, but the spirit and support you, and our sister team, Genome, have shown us lifts my spirits. And I can't help but believe Mick is watching, and is very proud of the Team and the Forums he was so involved with. This is what it's all about folks; and this is why I love Amdmb.com. God bless!

June 21, 2002
Reported by: small_fry

Greetings once again fellow frogs!

My oh my, what a week we had at the pond!

Congratulations are in order for Dok after hopping over the 10,000 point mark!

I’m sure everyone has noticed how busy the forum has been the last few days. We have had a plethora of new members join in the past couple of weeks…it literally has been raining frogs! A big welcome to each and every one of you!

I think most of the new people joined in response to our call to arms to defend against the Icrontic team. The good news is we have slowed their progress. The bad news is they are still gaining. If our growth over the past couple of weeks continues, I have no doubt the folding frogs will prevail!

One of our newer members has sent in his pic. Thanks Cabal_88! I do hope that shames some of you older members into doing the same. Otherwise one of you will suffer the same fate as call2!

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!

June 14, 2002
Reported by: small_fry

Greetings fellow frogs! Hope everyone had a great week!

There are a couple of important items to report this week. First, if you are running the beta version please make sure you download version 5. It corrects a problem where it may restart the protein on the first frame when you have to shutdown the client. You can grab the latest version here.

Last week I mentioned the Icrontic team was catching us. It seems they took notice and are counting the days. You can read what they have to say here. Come on fellow frogs…it’s time to show them what people from the pond are made of!!! I know we can make their jaws hit the floor when we start out folding them! Let’s do it!

One note of interest….it appears Mr. & Mrs. Tigs challenged Taz to a race to 5,000 points. I think they may have bitten off more than they can chew because last time I checked, Taz was doing upwards of 400 points per week! I wish the Tigs team the best of luck trying to catch Taz….they are certainly going to need it!

Last week I reported Eldest One reached the 10,000 point plateau. Dok will be reaching the same mark this week. As remarkable as those two stats are, a little research found something even more exceptional. As of this writing, Eldest One is 13th in the world and Dok is 19th. Truly amazing! Three croaks for the Folding Frogs dynamic duo!

As promised, I have submitted a pic and bio of one lucky frog to Tigress. You’ll have to check the member’s section to see if she posted it. Once again, I prevail upon the frogs to send their pics and/or bios to Tigress for if you don’t, you may be my victim next week!!!

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!

June 7, 2002
Reported by: small_fry

First, Eldest One crossed the jaw dropping 10,000 point mark. Unbelievable! Congratulations Eldest One!

Second, and I am loath to report this, we dropped from 9th place to 10th. Yes the Goggle juggernaught has claimed another victim. This is a first in the pond, as I don't think another team has ever passed us. It is also my sad task to inform you that if we don't kick it up a notch, Icrontic will pass us in late July. It's time to pass the word! Get family, friends, and co-workers to join the Folding Frogs!

Lastly, Tigress has asked time and again for pics and/or bios we can post in the member section of The Pond. Like her I will remind you weekly to get busy and do it. Unlike her, I'll start freelancing some pics! You have been warned!!

Until next week...keep folding the good fold!

May 30, 2002 - Amdmb.com Forums get a new look!
Reported by: {Tigress}

Last week, Ryan grouped the Forums together by type, and was kind enough to put the DC Teams near the top of the list! Thanks for the exposure, Ryan!

WinKDFold v3.8 is now available for download! If you haven't tried KDFold yet, now's a good time to check it out. See the sticky posted in the Folding Forum.

Folding@Home 3 BETA is now available. Look here for more info.

Please make welcome our new Reporting Frog, small_fry! He'll be taking over these news updates on a weekly basis beginning next week. Thank you, small_fry! Your help is greatly appreciated.

We haven't added anyone to our members page AGAIN this week. This is not good, Froggies! So, are you Frogs, or are you flies??? Send in those pics and bios to folding@amdmb.com!!

May 18, 2002 - Wanted! Lily pads for the Folding Frogs!
Reported by: {Tigress}

The Folding Frogs have welcomed five new members into the team this week! We're now up to 56 Active Folders, which is great!

Although Standford was down for a few days this week, things seem back to normal now, so all should be well with the Production Comparison spreadsheet.

If you haven't visited the Counter page recently, you need to check it out! We've had a few counter logos submitted, and have added them to the list of counters available. We can still use more though, so send in your submissions to folding@amdmb.com.

We haven't added anyone to our members page this week. This is not good, Froggies! If you go check out the Genome Team you'll see they have pictures for almost half of their team!! So, are you Frogs, or are you flies??? Send in those pics and bios to folding@amdmb.com!!

May 10, 2002 - The Pond is Officially Opened
Reported by: {Tigress}

{Tigress} here, welcoming you to the new homepage of the Folding Frogs! I want to take a minute to thank all of those involved with getting this site off the ground. First, thanks goes out to Fearan for hosting this domain at a discounted rate, and along with that a BIG thanks to Ryan for allowing us to use the Amdmb.com name and picking up the tab. I must next send out a huge thank you to Tigsman for being involved in every aspect of this website from the onset, including but not limited to helping OldFrog (thanks, OF!) with the Counters, coming up with the basic Folding Frog theme on the page, and coordinating all three DC teams in getting this project off the gound. And last, but not least, my heartfelt thanks to Eldest_one for writing the FAQ, and small_fry for writing the How-To Join.

I will be recapping all the lastest Folding News here on a weekly basis, but look to the Folding Forum for current News as it happens.

With that all said, I'm done! Go enjoy your new homepage! :)