Meet the Folding Frogs!

is from Paris, France
his main interest learning new things
and his job is in Payroll/HR Outsourcing
is from Westfield, MA
his main interest is computers (doh!) :)
and he works in retail
is from Atlanta, GA
her main interest is Folding (double doh!) :)
her primary hobby is monster killing
and her job is taking care of Tigsman
is from Atlanta, GA
his main interest is computers
his hobby is Folding
and his job is getting users to read the manual
is from New Joisey (accent included)
although he's a transplant from the UK
his interests are staying alive,
keeping up with the young ones and Folding
and he travels the world for his job
is from Waldport, OR
his interest is building computers
he's a great cook
and is retired from Paper Mill Boiler Operation
is from Irving, TX
and he works for UPS
is from Long Island, NY
is from Arlington, TX
and he works with computers
is from Vancouver, Canada
where he finds it hard to keep dry
is from Akron, OH
who's a dedicated single dad to a young daugther
he's training in the IT Field
and hobbies include dragracing, PC's, and fantasy Fiction (mainly WoT)
is happily married
which I guess says it all. :)
Poor call2!
He just found out he has to reload the OS
after trying to overclock his system just a little bit more
in his never ending quest to catch Synergy!
lives in Aurora, CO
and is a Network Consultant
is from San Fransciso, CA
works in the IT industry
and he enjoys keeping Team Tigs on their toes :)
lives in Spartanburg, SC
he works for Broad River Electric Co-op, Gaffney, SC
and his hobbies include Playing Anarchy Online and trying to find the next love of his life
is from East Texas
currently attending college
and obviously likes wearing LOUD orange shirts :)
is On an island down under
he's a retired Mechanical Engineer
and his hobbies include fishing, beach combing, and being IPSC Pistol Instructor
resides The other side of nowhere..
is a warhouse supervisor for a drug and alcohol rehab
and likes building computers and reading TSR fantasy novels
is from California but is temporarily living in Texas
his main interest is interest is backcountry skiing
and he needs a job
is from London, Ontario
currently working for the Golden Arches while attending highschool
and he's very interested in computers and computer modding
is from Calagary Alberta, Canada
is very secretive about what he does for a living
and from the looks of his pic spends WAYYYYYYY too much time on the forums. :)
is from Minnesota
currently in highschool
and is interested in Computers, Graphics, Web Development, FOLDING!
is from Mansfield, MO
and enjoys hanging out in forum bars :)
is an extremely handsom Seattle Washintoner
is a machinist/CNC machine programmer
and is interested his couch
is from North Carolina
currently in college full time for an Assoc. Deg. in Computer Engineering Technologies
and in his spare time he's saving lives by way of Fire & Rescue and FOLDING

If you are already a part of the Folding Frog Team, please feel free to send an email with your picture and biography to The Folding Frogs to be posted on this webpage :)