How-To Join the Folding Frogs Using the GUI

The first step is to go to Stanford's Download Page. At the bottom of the page is a search box. Enter the user name you would like to have and click the search button. Spaces are not allowed in the name so use the underscore character “_” as a replacement. If the name you have chosen is in use, you will need to select a different name.

Downloading the software

Go to Stanford's Download Page. Select the version of the software that fits your operating system. For Windows and Macintosh you will have a choice between a command line version and a graphical version. The choice is yours but it is generally accepted that the command line version is slightly faster as it doesn’t have graphical calculations to perform. It is always a good idea to download the latest version. The command line version is what most of the frogs use and the latest version can always be found on the Links page.

Installing the GUI software

Windows GUI

Double click the executable and you will see this. click Next.

Click Yes.

Click Next.

Insert your username of choice without spaces as described above and click Next.

Here is an example of our username.

This is your next window to show up. I prefer to change the directory to an easy share point for monitoring if you have multiple PCs folding.

I use C:\folding as an easy folder name so it is easy to share on my network of PCs. Click Next.

You can use the default Program folder name of Folding@Home to be shown in your start menu. Click next.

You should see something similiar to this on your window.

If you scroll down the window you can confirm these settings. Click next.

After the install completes, you should see this window.

I know what Im doing, so I uncheck the "View Readme" selection and click Finish.

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