Frequently Asked Questions

What is folding?

For the best answer to this question here is a link to Stanford's Site.

Will my computer really help, or is it too slow?

Everyone can contribute to the project. You don't need to have leading edge equipment to fold. One WU a day will still help Stanford out. No one is too slow!

How can I compete with someone who has multiple computers?

It doesn't matter how many computers you have!! We have two easy to follow rules on our Team and they are:
RULE #1-Have Fun
RULE #2-See RULE#1!!!

And the easiest way to have fun is to post often in our Forum!

How can I join the Folding Frogs Team?

The How-To Join page has all the information you will need to join our Team!!

What is the most current folding client right now?

The newest Folding client is version 2.19.

Can I Cache work unit's like I can with Seti@Home?

Currently, no. The nature of the project does not currently allow that. The WU's you get are dependant on the results you just turned in.

What are WU's that I see you all talking about?

WU's stands for Work Units which are the proteins we download from Stanford to work on.

When you congratulate team members I see you mentioning FP's what does that stand for?

FP's is our Pond slang for saying Folding Points and these are what Stanford gives you for returning completed WU's.

Is there a list of proteins that Stanford is working on now?

Yes. Stanford has set up a page which lists the proteins and the points awarded for completing the proteins: Standford's List of Proteins

Is there a time limit on returning results to Stanford?

Yes, it is based on the complexity of the WU that you are working on. Refer to Standford's List of Proteins for the time limits for each WU.

How did Stanford set the time limit and points for each protein?

Stanford uses an 500 MHz client to figure that out. They run the client for half an hour and calculate it from there.

Who will profit from this work that we are doing for Stanford?

Us, the general public will. Stanford is an academic institution therefore they are a non-profit group. They have stated that they will not sell the results of this study.

What is a Frame?

A Frame is the way that Stanford chose to break up a WU. Some WU’s are 10 Frames long and others are 100 Frames long.

When a new client is released by Stanford can I upgrade while I am working on a WU?

Yes you can but be aware of the fact that the WU will restart from frame #1. It is best to wait until beginning a new WU before upgrading the client software.

Is there any software for monitoring the Client folding progress?

Yes, check the Links page for links to Fold Monitor and KDFold.

I currently Fold for another team if I join your Team are my points transferable?

Currently, no. Anything you fold for a Team stays with that Team.

How can I install the Folding@Home console client as a service in NT/2K/XP?

You can follow the directions that appear to work for us. You can find them right here.

How do I setup those cool counters used by the team members in the forum?

We have created a page that will help you to figure out how to create the link to put in your signature. You can find that page right here.